Monday, April 26

Busy, busy, busy

Busy, busy, busy is what my next two weeks are going to be. Fran and I are going on a wee trip to Southamerica all by ourselves, and it is stressing me a little bit. Well, not really stress, just a bit concerned of the plane trip and the jet lag with baby etc. I am sure we will be fine, but you can't really help it but to worry.

On top of that it is work, I wasn't planning to go back to work until coming back from our trip, but I was asked and I thought it would be a bit of a test to see how things will work out. So, here I am doing part time work from home, and planning a trip to Chile and finding a replacement for me while I am away... , trying to finish a cardigan for Fran so she can wear it while we are away... and of course finishing the unpacking, we still have a room with quite a few boxes that need to be emptied out.

I will probably be away from my journal for a while, I will try not to. I am really enjoying this space to vent a little...

Wednesday, April 21

Getting back into working life

It is been a week and half of my new working life as a mother. I feel that the brain is still runing in second gear, everything seems to take me a little longer and I forget things very quickly. Hopefully, I will get my brain cells back soon, somebody told that one of the many changes that happens to us, mothers, is brain cells... yes, aparently we do loose some...  but at some point they come back.

Working from home makes the going back to work affair so much easier, I can still spend time with the Miss, and keep to our rutine and work while she sleeps.  I will have to reassess when she starts sleeping less... anyway, I need some sleep so better go to bed now!!! buenas noches!

Monday, April 19

Filling the pantry

Well, the  weekend was a bit tiring. Little Fran was a bit unwell, running a high fever pretty much all weekend, steady at 38. We weren't really sure what was wrong, so we decided to take a little trip to after hours Doc to make sure wasn't anything serious. So, Doc said it is a viral tommy infection and it should go away soon, and fever should come down soon. Still you can't help it but to worry about it, specially when those sad little eyes look at you like saying "mami please help me am sore".

In between Francisca's naps I manage to get a bit of jam in the pantry. We had run out of all the nice homemade jam  made by mother-in-law. So I took the blackcurrant and raspberries from the freezer (that she had given me) and made about six jars (500ml each) of fresh yummy and juicy jam. I learn that blackcurrant set a lot faster than rasberry jam. I only had to boil blackcurrant for 3 minutes and it was ready, and the concistency is like plum jam. On the other hand, raspberries took about 15 minutes(or more) of boiling to set. Must be pectine content that makes the difference. Anyway, I never had blackcurrant jam in my life before and it taste pretty good, I am sure it will go nicely on some freshly made scones... yummm

This is us, on Saturday trying to hide the tired faces.

Saturday, April 17

The happiest kid on the block, her name is Pepa

I was concerned about Pepa (the rabbit) not being able to adjust to our new house. You know they say that rabbits are creatures of habit and if you take them out of their enviroment or change their sorounding a bit they could get upset, perhaps a bit more agressive or even may get depression.

Pepa has gone the opposite way. Well, that is what I think given that I can't talk to her and ask her directly, I just read her behaviour (try). She has been jumping around and racing in the backyard like nobody's bussiness. It does help that we can lock the back garden so she can't escape. In the other house we couldn't do that, but she was allowed free inside of the house, here she is not allowed inside cuz we are renting and the floor is carpet, not wooden floor like in our other house, and is not that easy to clean....

Here she is... checking me out, she is probably thinking what are you doing following me around with that think on your face???

Thursday, April 15

Alison Holst Books.

Yesterday I went shopping, I used my gift card from whitcoulls and I bought two books from Alison Holst the 100 Great Ways to use Slow Cookers and Crockpots and Baby Food and Beyond - Revised Edition.
I tried a recipe already from the slow cooker book. We had some people over for dinner tonight and I decided to do a Lamb curry. I know I don't eat meat, but I don't mind cooking it, specially using the slow cooker it is just so easy. Everybody seemed to like it, so may do it again...perhaps when Clive comes around next.

Next time I need to try some of the desert dishes from the book, yummy...

Tuesday, April 13

Working through the list : Baby shoes

family,Finished one item of my list. It will start getting a bit tricky to get through the list now that I have started working (part-time)... hmmm....

Baby shoes for A.B (a friends of us) have finally been finished, the motive is lady bugs. The material again is canvas and fleece in the inside, this time I have used some of the leather that Jean gave me for the sole. Lady bugs are in satin stich and so the flowers and leaves, the stem on chain. Hopefully the little one finds them confortable!:-).

Here is a fun pic of the three of us playing silly while having a wee break during a walk this weekend.